Feeling humbled!

This weekend my friend Kate and her family came to visit, with the main goal of the visit to take some maternity pictures of Kate and a few of her with her kids and husband, too.  They are a congenial, smart, and incredibly likable little group of people, so I was glad to both have them visit and take their pictures.  🙂

First, may I present you with the pictures:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m definitely happy with the results — even though my main off-camera strobe committed suicide during the shoot!  (Seriously… there was even a puff of smoke!)   Such a relief, because I get a bit anxious before and after every photo shoot.  Before, because I worry I’ll mess up, and then after, because I worry the client won’t like the pictures.   I’m pretty confident in my photography abilities, but photographs are such a personal thing.  A person really puts their trust in you, and exposes a bit of themselves for a picture, or group of pictures (or in the case of an event, for capturing the whole thing to preserve their memories).  I am glad to have that anxiety, because I know it gears me up to do the best job of which I am capable, but it still is anxiety, nonetheless.  If nothing else, I suppose it keeps me from being an insufferable, overconfident d-bag.  🙂

The best reward though is knowing that folks are pleased with the results.  Kate keeps up quite an entertaining blog, as she has a true gift for the written word, and oh my goodness, could she be any sweeter?


~ by Lisa on February 9, 2010.

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