A little decorum, please

So, granted, I’m pretty new to this whole wedding photography shtick.  I know I have a LOT to learn.

But, I had come across some photos of Andy Roddick’s wedding recently, where he married some gorgeous bikini model type.  Now, looking at this picture:

I would make the assumption that the lady holding the camera with the Gary Fong Lightsphere (I have the Origami myself, just for its foldability, but I’ll probably spring for a Lightsphere soon) and the tripod is their hired wedding photographer.  Certainly it makes sense, it’s the bride and her family and they’re posing for pictures.  You could argue that it could be a guest, but would a guest be there in cuffed jeans and a t-shirt?  Exactly.

Which, incidentally, brings me to my point:  what on earth is the photographer doing at a formal wedding wearing jeans and a t-shirt?   Of course, this woman is certainly an uber-high-end wedding photographer and has probably worked hard to earn her street cred as a high-end wedding photog.  But to me, it seems that no matter how ‘high-end’ you get, you’re still working at a formal event.  Would it be OK for the servers to show up in jeans?  The maitre d’?  Unless you’re having a hoe-down themed wedding, then I think the answer is a resounding ‘no’.  I know a photographer’s job is physically demanding, but there’s still a touch of decorum called for.  Lady, perhaps you are getting paid megabucks to shoot weddings, and I’m sure you’ve earned yourself the right to charge megabucks, but here, you just look unprofessional and disrespectful.

I may go somewhat casual for weddings, but you’ll never catch me in a t-shirt and jeans.  My wardrobe of choice are nice khaki slacks or capris and a pretty blouse.  Of course, I know I have to work, and run around, and bend over a lot, but the wardrobe I have for shooting weddings takes this into consideration and is, *gasp*, both comfortable AND nice-looking.  People pay me good money to take pictures of their big day – they deserve my respect and professionalism, in how I take my pictures, in how I interact with them and their guests, and in how I present myself.


~ by Lisa on May 22, 2009.

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