Let’s see how this goes!

Hi, I’m Lisa, and not long ago I started my own photography business.  I’ve been an amateur photographer for about a decade (even more if you include the photography class I took in high school) and I’ve been selling stock photos for about three years now.  I’ve been doing some portrait work — mostly subjecting my kids to my experimentation — for three years as well, and have shot a couple of weddings in the past.  Most recently, I had a job in a high-end portrait studio, where I learned a lot more about lighting techniques & equipment, posing, and a bunch of useful, clever Photoshop techniques.  I thought a photography blog would be a great way to log some of my photography assignments and let potential clients get to know me better.

The idea to start an actual business sprang out of my desire to continue to stay home with my kids, who are currently 4 and 2.  I have a degree in psychology and an MBA, and in what feels like a previous life I worked in human resources for a Fortune 100 company, where I had the promising career and made a ton of money.  I was really good at my job but really didn’t enjoy it very much most of the time.  I definitely like my at-home gig with my kids better.  But, being the ambitious, sort of restless person I am, I still want to be doing something, and contributing to the family’s bank accounts.  I shied away from a photography business for a while, because while I have a good eye for pictures and like to experiment, I have often in the past found myself intimidated by the idea for some reason.  Then I thought — but why?  I take great pictures, I have a good eye for light and composition, and I enjoy it.  So why not?!?  And, here we are.

I don’t ever intend this business, assuming it is successful, to rake in a ton of cash.  I don’t ever intend to be the super-high-end photographer that charges $500 for a portrait sitting or makes $5000 shooting a wedding.  The digital world allows me to charge reasonable rates and still be profitable.  Right now I’m just not offering the frills — I’m not going to make the fancy bridal albums and parent albums, but I am going to offer my clients their full portfolio of pictures on DVD for a reasonable price, so that they may do with them what they wish.  And, in this day and age of online tools to create your own photo books, the more internet-savvy clients will be able to make those albums for themselves.

As it goes, my next wedding will be my dad’s wedding in a week and a half.  He’s having a full-mass wedding ceremony and a reception at his fire hall (he’s a firefighter).  His fiancee is a lovely lady and I couldn’t be happier for them.  I’m so excited to take their pictures!


~ by Lisa on May 15, 2009.

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